What does success look like?

Today we’ve been imagining what success might look like in the future. It’s really easy to focus solely on a balanced budget sheet, increased profit margins, more market share – and those are certainly important when starting a business! But we think it’s also important to imagine what good might come of your business, or what would need to happen for you to feel totally satisfied with the outcome. So here’s ours:

Year Two

We imagined two years of productions, culminating in helping local students develop a play for NSDF!


Year Five

We imagined that after five years of sweeping success, of building audience networks and community links, we are awarded the Stage Awards: Best Fringe Theatre award!

2 year success

Year Ten

This is the big one! We’re being ambitious here, but maybe, just maybe, we can achieve National Portfolio Status in ten years time! Dream big or go home!

10 year success

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