Imagining the impact of success

We’ve been away in sunny Edinburgh for the weekend, so today’s blog update is actually from last week! We were looking at Evidence Modelling, which is basically a technique where you imagine that your business has been a success, and think about what that might mean for you, your business, your community, the wider world, etc.

You think about what you will Enhance (make better, introduce, improve, etc), and what you’ll Revive (build upon, re-introduce), and conversely what you’ll Replace (literally, or by reducing market share), and what the Backlash might be of success.


Focussing on the Enhance and Revive aspects, we realised that the Hull: City of Culture developments that are happening at the moment, and the ongoing success of SlungLow in Leeds, can both be used as models of success for cultural businesses in the north, and as examples of art creating audiences creating art! Inspiration is encouraging!


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