Today we hit a milestone – a new book in the NESTA Creative Business Guide! We are moving on up from green to purple. For an idea of what that looks like, here’s the old next to the new…


The first step in our new book is to RECAP our main learnings. And they’re actually pretty big! We’ve gone from having an idea that was hard to express, and kinda unfocussed, to being able to answer these questions pretty easily!

What is it that I do?

Provide equal access to the performing arts in Sheffield

Why should my customers care?

I will use a different model for artists and audiences to ensure a “Yes and” culture without barriers to participation

Is there a need for what I’m offering?

Yes – Sheffield is under-developed as a creative city, and under-engaged in its arts scene. Emerging and established artists lack the space and creative trust to develop their practice and take risks. Meanwhile, audience aren’t engaged or actively encouraged to participate*

Will there be sufficient demand?

Over time, yes. Using the examples of SlungLow in Leeds, or The Bikeshed Theatre in Exeter, over time art will breed audiences will breed art, and this space can become a creative hub for South Yorkshire.

Will this generate sufficient reward for me?

Financially speaking, eventually yes, though not in the short term. Emotionally and spiritually, this will completely fulfil me.

*disclaimer: there’s loads of amazing things happening in Sheffield, like Theatre Deli and DINA, but there could and should be more for a city of this size!

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