How to help touring companies

One of our most important customer groups in terms of our artistic profile will be touring companies. This means theatre companies who are performing in several locations around the country, and travelling between them. Touring companies often have specific and unique needs, and need to be able to book their tours quite a long time in advance. They also need local expertise and marketing help.


We estimate that Hope in Hell will attract 6-8 touring companies per year, for runs of 3-5 days. This is based on Rural Arts Touring figures, but reduced to account for the lack of tour-able venues currently in Sheffield – it’ll take time to build a reputation.

Our big realisation from doing this – touring companies need support, and we will need to establish partnerships with local businesses to do this. We can partner with local B&Bs, cafes, sandwich shops etc to give touring companies a bit of extra financial flexibility. We can also make sure that Hope in Hell Theatre isn’t just a base of operations during show times, but for the duration of their stay in Sheffield, whether they need somewhere to do paperwork, or just a cuppa!


10-20 potential touring companies for S. Yorkshire

6-8 can be attracted to HiH

£250 hire fee per run = £3000 total per year

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