First day in the office!

At the weekend I went to spend my first day in our new offices at Somerset House Exchange! I took some photos of what I was up to, so here we go…

It was a boiling day, and the fountains were on at Somerset House! Lots of kids running around having fun. Unfortunately I had to descend to the basement to…

The office! There’s two rooms available…

I attempted a panoramic here. I have one of the lockers assigned to me, and this is a super quiet place to work at a weekend
This is the other room available. It’s lovely and light, and the stone floor is cool, but the plug sockets aren’t at the desks and my tablet was dead. Also there’s a kitchen for TEA


So what was I working on? The bar! This is one aspect of the budget (and whole business to be honest) that I have no knowledge of, no experience of, and have been kinda ignoring until now! So I decided to face my fears and try to both estimate how many sales we’d make at the bar, and how much it would cost.

This is me estimating costs per month. I reckoned on 24 bottles of wine, 90 beers and a bunch of soft drinks and snacks at £400pcm total. But that might be overestimating if I use cash-and-carry!
And this is my estimates for takings. I’m pricing booze at £3 per glass/can – what would you expect to pay? And £1.50 for soft drinks. Then I’m guessing 15 alcoholic and 10 soft drinks per night. Is this right? Who knows! In any case it comes to £940 income per month

I couldn’t stay too long coz I was meeting a friend afterwards, but the sun was still shining when I came out! So I tried for another panoramic – enjoy! And if you have any thoughts on how to budget a theatre bar, please get in touch on FB or Twitter!


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