Callout: POC For Paid Blogpost

Following on from my post about mental health and equality, I’d like to invite a guest blogger to create a post about their experience of racism and/or blackness in theatre in the UK. I am looking for a woman of colour, or a non-binary/genderqueer person of colour, as their voices are often unheard. I can pay £75 for the post, and will include any links or self-promotions that the creator wants.

More Details

I have no fixed idea of what this should look like – it could be an image collage, a video, a traditional blog post etc – except that the aim is to amplify the voices of black people in theatre. I would like you to create whatever comes to your mind when you think of racism and/or blackness in theatre in the UK.

I have no fixed deadline for this, but would like it to be published in the next 3-4 weeks if possible.

I would like to support disabled people to apply and create – if you have any support needs for this please let me know.

This may lead to more guest blogs in the future, but my budget is still uncertain (and tiny anyway) so I can’t promise anything.

How to Apply

If you’d like to create this guest blog, please email, or contact me on Twitter, whichever suits you best.

No experience is required or expected, but if you would like to include previous creations please do. Otherwise, just leave your preferred method of contact and I’ll get in touch to talk to you about it.



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