2 Weeks To Go!

We are now two weeks before opening, and everything is coming together! It feels a bit like a rollercoaster, where we’ve been building up for so long, and now suddenly everything is happening at once!

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have ArtWorks to help us with our painting and decorating over the past 3 weeks. They’ve been absolutely amazing, going from a beautiful mood board with the concept of “walking into a cartoon” to painting clocks, plants, cats and cacti onto our walls!

The full effect has to be seen to be believed, frankly, but it’s pretty amazing. And, given that Tim and I have zero artistic talent, it’s been incredible to have them designing and creating our space!

Beyond the beautiful designs, we’ve also been hard at work with all the millions of things necessary for opening a building! A small smattering of the things we’ve learnt:

  • How sinks work
  • How your fire doors affect your capacity as a venue
  • How coffee machines work
  • What types of paint peel of windows, and which don’t
  • How much dust concrete floors generate (LOTS)

It’s almost overwhelming, but with the great team we’ve got here (thanks Olly and Louise from our Board!) we’re on top of it.

We’re having our Opening Party on Saturday 6th April, and then we’ll be fully open to the public from then on! If you’re in Sheffield and haven’t registered yet, please do it here! At the time of writing, we only have 8 tickets remaining, so get clicking!

We’re super excited to see you all soon!

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